Hilbing Franke Family Distillery is a family business dedicated to the production of alcoholic beverages since 1870; a story of Love and Passion that is reflected in each of its products.

We are leaders in the development of high-end Gin; we use botanics from Argentina, Hilbing is the only one in the world with the spirit of MALBEC, achieving a different, sophisticated and original style.

From the selection of the raw material to its division and stowage, the entire production process is carefully and methodically supervised by Mr. Rolando Hilbing, thus allowing us to obtain a high-end handmade product with its own characteristics. Prepared according to rigid quality regulations.

The distillery has stills specially designed for the elaboration of our products of high-end varietal grapes, obtained from bi-distillation and then subjected to a process of cryofiltration, to obtain the maximum purity of flavour and aromas.